First you should know that I am a renewable energy enthusiast and all I do I do it with all my heart and soul. A basis of today's FUSIONSEEKER was done in 1999 when I decided to built and test V-through solar concentrator in practise in Slovenia's climate. You all know that solar concentrator can't work without solar tracker controller. V-through solar concentrator is of course no exception. When my V-through structure was built (by myself) I decided to develop my own solar tracker controller too. I started with development willfully without knowing how other tracker controllers were built. I knew my solution could be better or worse in comparison with other controllers. But it was better, I did it great, a basis of today's FUSIONSEEKER was born.

   A year later that V-through concentrator was also a subject of my diploma work at University of Maribor (Slovenia E.U.) and I was also awarded by our burgomaster for my research work.

   Then I started improving my solar tracker controller. I knew it was very reliable because of small number of electronic elements. But I also had to satisfy some other important features such are universality, robustness, low energy consumption, etc. During months of hard work I managed not only to satisfy but above all exceed all of those criteria. In the end I realized that I developed one of the best if not the best solar tracker controller. I named it FUSIONSEEKER.


Dejan Skrivalnik