FUSIONSEEKER DS-50S6 is a universal sensory solar tracker controller designed to be used with all single-axis solar trackers (solar concentrators included) that use permanent magnet DC motors for moving (with additional external relays/drivers other types of tracker’s motors or hydraulics drive systems can also be controlled by DS-50S6). Its superiorities are high tracking accuracy, great electrical capabilities, high reliability, long expected life time and also watertight "2in1" polycarbonate housing that serves as a "shadow maker" for sensors and as an all-weather resistant protection for electronics. Installation is also very simple - because all components are packed in one "2in1" housing. You just fix it on to the solar "receiver", connect two wires to supply voltage and the other two wires to the motor and that's it. And it's maintenance free - install and forget!

    The heart of FUSIONSEEKER DS-50S6 is its 100% solid state (no moving parts inside, no potentiometers, no relays!!!) and software free (all features are implemented with pure hardware – no computer hang-ups, no reset buttons!!!) electronics that for functioning needs so little power that energy consumption (about 0,001 kWh per day) can simply be ignored. DS-50S6 is working on a principle of equalized output signals of its two light sensors. When output signals from sensors are different (solar "receiver" is not faced precisely to the sun - "2in1" housing is shading one light sensor) electronics, with the help of POWER MOS-FET transistors, turns on the motor and keeps it running. Immediately after output signals from sensors equalize (solar "receiver" is again faced precisely to the sun) the motor is turned off and with the help of electronic brake instantly stopped. This electronic brake is in function always but it becomes absolutely necessary in case you set    DS-50S6's accuracy to highest level (without brake system oscillates!). This sequence is repeating throughout all day till sunset when tracker (motor) stops (tracker is facing to the west). At this point DS-50S6 offers you 2 options for turning the tracker back to the east. If you choose the first option DS-50S6 will early next morning with its additional (third) bottom sensor detect first sun rays and immediately turn on the motor to move the tracker to the east. After some 5 minutes (it depends on tracker’s rotation speed) the tracker will be facing to the east and sequence described above will start repeating again. In case you choose the second option DS-50S6 will after sunset with the help of its additional (third) bottom sensor detect that the evening has come (low light conditions) and turn on the motor to move the tracker to the east. After some 5 minutes (it depends on tracker’s rotation speed) the tracker will be facing to the east and it will stay there all night. In the morning when first sun rays appear tracking sequence will start repeating again.

    In case when clouds cover the sun DS-50S6 can stop tracking or it can turn solar tracker towards the brightest cloud - that depends on what tracking accuracy (sensitivity) you choose (set). And immediately after clouds disappear it will in every case turn the tracker toward the sun. In short, FUSIONSEEKER DS-50S6 is a solar tracker controller that will always satisfy all your single-axis sun tracking needs.


Technical specifications



Basic description:

High accuracy "single-axis" sensory solar tracker controller

Supply voltage (DC):

Uin = from 8V to 50V DC

Accepted (applicable) supply voltage sources:

Any external power supply or battery or PV solar panels (solar cells)

Output current (max. motor current):

Iout,cont. = 6A (continuous load!!!)

Iout,10s = 7A (up to 10 seconds)

Iout,max = 35A (electronically limited)

Output voltage (motor voltage):

Uout = Uin – 0,4V at Iout = 3A

Uout = Uin – 0,9V at Iout = 6A

Electronics self-consumption:

1,0mA at Uin = 12V (0,012W)

1,3mA at Uin = 24V (0,031W)

1,6mA at Uin = 36V (0,058W)

1,8mA at Uin = 48V (0,086W)

 (and intelligently built electronics consume always the same without regard to DC motor being in operation or not!)

Tracking accuracy:

up to +0,05 degree at 1000W/m2 (it is settable)

Factory defaults: +1 degree (at 1000W/m2)

Electronic motor brake:


Overload protection


Short circuit protection


Reverse polarity protection

YES (maximum continuous reverse current: 3A)

Over-Voltage surge protection

YES (motor side and supply voltage side)

PLC compatibility



Material: fiberglass-reinforced polycarbonate (UV and high temperature resistant)

Cover seal: all-round foamed-in PU seal

Color: light grey RAL 7035

IP class: IP 66 from top down and from side, anti-condensation breathing holes on the bottom

Connection cable:

4 x 1mm2, 90cm, UV and high/low temperature resistant

Operating temperature range:

from -25°C to +70°C


width: 94mm, height: 57mm, length: 94mm




It's maintenance free

Expected life time:

10 years +


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