FUSIONSEEKER P6 is a universal heavy duty limit switch with integrated diode designed for protecting all types of single and dual axis solar trackers that use DC motors for moving.

    All solar trackers are basically designed in the way they can rotate for a certain angle only because the sun moves in the way there is absolutely no need for trackers to rotate for more than 300 degrees by azimuth and 90 degrees by elevation. This is general rule for all solar trackers (regular PV solar panel trackers, solar water heating collectors, all types of concentrators,…). The purpose of a limit switch is to stop the solar tracker’s motor (or any other drive system) slightly before tracker’s mechanical limits are reached. This shall be done for both directions what means 2 limit switches are needed per tracking axis. In other words single axis solar tracker needs 2 limit switches and dual axis solar tracker needs 4 limit switches.


Technical specifications



Basic description:

Heavy duty limit switch with integrated diode

Contacts description:

1 normally closed (N/C) contact with parallel diode

1 normally open (N/O) contact

Electrical data:

Normally closed contact with parallel diode rating:

Imax = 6A at up to 100Vdc (it applies to contact and diode)

Normally open contact rating:

Imax = 6A at 100Vdc

Imax = 0,4A at 250Vdc

Imax = 6A at 250Vac (50Hz…60Hz)

Imax = 4A at 400Vac (50Hz…60Hz)

Imax = 1A at 500Vac (50Hz…60Hz)

Mechanical endurance:

20 million open-close operations


Material: glass-reinforced polymer, UV resistant, self-extinguishing, shock-proof thermoplastic resin

Color: black

IP class: IP 67 according to EN 60529

Cable gland:

Accepts any cable with outside diameter between 6mm and 12mm, UV resistant

Mounting position:


PLC compatibility


Operating temperature range:

from -25°C to +80°C

Dimensions (switch together with cable gland):

width: 30mm, height: 30mm, length: 111mm

Dimensions (adjustable lever with wheel)

Length: 100mm, wheel: f20mm




It's maintenance free

Expected life time:

20 years +


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